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Family owned and operated for three decades

In 1975 a jock from the University of Florida (Orlando) met an aspiring model from Miami (Susana) at a wedding between mutual friends. The attraction was near instantaneous and the duo ended up dancing the night away. Growing fonder of each other with every disco step, Orlando asked Susie if he could keep in touch with her. Without hesitation, she said “yes” to her knight in a shiny, black tux.

As the couple spent more time with each other they realized they had similar backgrounds. Both we’re forced to leave their birth country, Cuba, in 1960 due to hardships created by the rise of Communism. Both lived in Miami throughout their childhoods and grew up in the Catholic faith. And both loved their family and friends dearly. The two were a perfect match.

A year later, Orlando proposed marriage, Susie agreed, and they started their life together in Gainesville, FL where he finished his college studies in engineering. Their destiny had been fulfilled and a family that would be remembered for generations began to form.

To date they are still happily married and have three wonderful kids. Their oldest son Eddy is a Grammy-recognized recording artist and speaker who performs under the name “Rawsrvnt.” Their daughter Sofia graduated from Flagler College with a degree in Business. Both kids have two children of their own and are heavily involved in the family business (Gardens Learning Center) where Sofia works as the Director and Eddy as the Administrator. The couple’s youngest son Bobby played football for and graduated from the University of Connecticut with a degree in Business Management. He is currently the Site Director for Southeastern University at Christ Fellowship.

The Puyols have owned and operated Gardens Learning Center for three decades. They have helped northern Palm Beach County families raise their children by providing a solid Christian foundation and education.

Keep the Puyols in prayer as they continue to impact the world with God’s love and the peace of Jesus.


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